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Because I have a sister I will always have a friend 🙂

Lily and Hailey came back to my studio in Clydebank a few weeks ago. It was lovely to see them again. Our last photo session did not went very well as Lily did not want to pose at all.  But this time she posed like a real model…I have to say that she absolutely loved it! Her little sister Hailey was good to 🙂 Gave me lots of smiles and was very patient 🙂 Well done girls! 
Ola Molik Photography-1
  Ola Molik Photography-5 Ola Molik Photography-8Ola Molik Photography-4 Ola Molik Photography-3Ola Molik Photography-6Ola Molik Photography-2Ola Molik Photography-10

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