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Amelia’s cake smash



I LOVE this! Cake Smash sessions are so much fun for the baby and the family!

What is a cake smash session, I hear you ask? Well it is a photo shoot in celebration of your child’s first year of life. YES!  it is definitely a special birthday as it is a FIRST BIRTHDAY! To celebrate they get their first cake and they get the whole cake to themselves to make as much mess as they like hehe! Pretty great fun! Nothing is better than getting to witness your babies first moments, and what a great opportunity to capture them in a beautiful and joyous way. With a bit of encouragement, and after a small taste, it didn’t take long for Amelia to get into the swing of it hehe! and it really was a good laugh:) At the end of the session Amelia had a lovely bath it was a pleasure watching her 🙂 Before the mess of the cake smash, we took the opportunity to take some great family portraits! It was a lovely photo session! Thank you very much for choosing me!

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