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Baby Emma

Emma (8 weeks old) was keep looking at me with big curiosity but did not smile a lot during her photo shot. I absolutely love her eyes- just amazing! Her Mummy and Grandmother helped me out to make Emma happy but it did not work very well. I think it was just not her day but I love her beautiful photos anyway.  I have to say that it is awkward age for taking photos. Once newborns pass the two weeks mark, they begin to stretch out and wake up to the world, and I generally consider from 3 weeks to 4 months a somewhat awkward age to capture. They don’t curl up like newborns anymore, but they also can’t sit up on their own and in many cases can’t yet lift their heads when on their tummies – this leaves very few options for what we can do with them! Generally speaking, you will get more “value” out of your session if baby can sit up or at the very least lift their heads easily when on their bellies. The best age for babies tends to be around 6-8 months, when they are very smiley, can sit easily, and in some cases pull themselves up to a stand, but usually can’t yet run away! Ola Molik Photo-1 Ola Molik Photo-2 Ola Molik Photo-3 Ola Molik Photo-4 Ola Molik Photo-5 Ola Molik Photo-6 Ola Molik Photo-7 Ola Molik Photo-8 Ola Molik Photo-9 Ola Molik Photo-10 Ola Molik Photo-11

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