Birth photography session info

It’s like Marmite you either love the idea or hate it!!

I love it- that’s why I want to share it with you!

I love birth photography…so much that I would stay up all night waiting for a baby!

The most amazing thing in the world is completely magical and miraculous moments of the birth of a new baby- the bittersweet pain of labour, the anticipation, the first time you lay eye on your new baby, the first time you breath him/her in – that’s what I want to capture! It’s is a truly beautiful experience! I’m so passionate about any photography related to babies but this tops the charts because it is so priceless!!! If you are expecting soon, consider BIRTH PHOTOGRAPHY-you won’t regret it!

Dear future mothers-to-be, think about these first moments of life of your babies. Think about these memories captured in beautiful pictures. I know that many people think that the photogrpaher would interfere with the intimacy of this moment but it is not like that at all. The photographer is a part of the team who has got his/her role- the role of a person who is almost invisible but will hold the miracle of birth for you forever. This is the birth photography. The photography of miracles!