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Breastfeeding portraits

It’s not about how you feed your baby – or really even what you feed them – it’s the moments you share with the weight of a baby in your arms.

There’s something so cozy, intimate, and bonding about breastfeeding your baby.

The little smiles they give you while your body provides them with everything they need will tug at your heart.

I am so excited to see more photographers inspired to capture the love of breastfeeding, to encourage and inspire women that breastfeeding is best and normal.

It is an amazing period of motherhood that last just a short time, capturing it in these timeless images to be cherished forever is amazing.

I simply love capturing these unique moments between a mum and her baby.

They grow so fast and you won’t ever get a chance to live that experience again. So if you’re nursing your child, go hire ME to make your memories last forever.

Breastfeeding Photography Sessions offer candid photographs of a nursing mother and child in a natural setting. Sessions take place either in your home or outdoors; whichever you are most comfortable with or prefer.

I wish I had a breastfeeding portraits taken when I was breastfeeding Amelia….

Ola Molik Photography-1

Ola Molik Photography

Ola Molik Photography-4

Ola Molik Photographer Glasgow

Ola Molik Photography-5

Breastfeeding Photo session Glasgow

Ola Molik Photography-2 Ola Molik Photography-6 Ola Molik Photography-7 Ola Molik Photography-8


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