Callum's Cake Smash - Ola Molik Photographer Glasgow

Callum’s Cake Smash

As a baby photographer I know that cake smash is an absolutely wonderful way to celebrate a birthday or get memorable photographs of your baby! The images taken at a cake smash session are unique, fun and make amazing decor for your home and gifts for your family. Cake smashes are fun for babies and parents and provide a unique opportunity to capture your babies curiosity and personality at a young age. It is my pleasure to work with your family to craft a special photo experience just for your baby. I loved Callum’s cake smash! He was brilliant as you can see 🙂 Ola Molik Photo-2 Ola Molik Photo-3 Ola Molik Photo-4 Ola Molik Photo-5 Ola Molik Photo-6 Ola Molik Photo-7 Ola Molik Photo-8 Ola Molik Photo-9 Ola Molik Photo-10

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