Baby photography is so important!  My name is Ola Molik and I’m a very experienced baby photographer based in Glasgow. As a Mum I know that babies grow up so fast, don’t they? One minute they are sleepy newborns, the second they’re sitting, crawling and taking their first steps… Baby and toddler photo session is destined to capture those special milestones in your baby’s life. It’s all about how quickly they change, about preserving those smiles, cheeky looks and wobbly steps.

Baby photographs can be taken at any age up to 12 months but a great time is between 6-10 months. This is when we can capture lots of beautiful wide-eye shots, smiles and giggles. Between 8-10 months is one of my favourite ages – babies are usually sitting up by themselves and there are lots of lovely smiles, chubbiness and personality!

I love having babies and toddlers in my studio in Clydebank, they’re so sweetly unpredictable and create amazing opportunities for me to capture their little personalities. During your session, I will create a friendly and relaxing environment to allow your little one to have fun and enjoy the time spent in my studio. I’ll create keepsake photographs that you will love to look at over and over again… I love to capture children and siblings and there is nothing more beautiful then being able to provide parents with gorgeous photographs  of their children. Baby photography is just amazing![