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Christmas Mini Session

Christmas Mini Session available now!

Do you know what I like the best about Christmas?

Among many stunning things, I adore this “slow motion of Christmas” the most.

Everyday we are in a rush. We hurry to get to the school, to be on time at work, to manage the shopping, to tidy the house, to collect children from classes and the new day comes.

Unfortunately, we repeat it all from the beginning, with frustration and tiredness.

But when Christmas comes we slow down.

We don’t hurry. We have time to spend with our relatives and friends.

We are so happy to talk about the world around us.

We can play games with children, we can tell them about past.

We can find this magic of Christmas.

This year you can do something to add some extra charm to this special time of the year.

You don’t have to travel far away to live through something hilarious.

You will find extra atmosphere and unexpected moments in my studio in Glasgow.

Thanks to my brand new and inspiring photo props we will create unbelievable atmosphere of Christmas right now.

And then when Christmas comes, you will admire the effects of our work with the rest of family.

Trust me, they will be amazed with the results.

It will be the real treasure not only for you, but also for grandparents, uncles, aunts and friends.

What is more, it will last for many years.

You will come back to these pictures with tears of emotion after some time.

Let me bring you Christmas atmosphere of slowing down right here and right now.

So don’t wait any longer and book your Christmas Mini Session NOW!

DATE: Sunday the 26th NOVEMBER. 
* up to 30 minutes slot
* 4 digital photos via email
* up to 3 siblings
* each extra photo costs £15
* VIP’s get £ 10 discount
* £ 30 deposit required on the day of booking
Standard price £85
VIP’s pay only £75!!!

(VIP – all my previous customers)

Xmas Mini Photography Glasgow

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