Cohen's Cake Smash - Ola Molik Photographer Glasgow

Cohen's Cake Smash

I’m loving these Cake Smash photo shoots more and more and it’s always great to see the delight on little ones faces when they see a delicious cake in front of them and not only can they eat the cake, they can SMASH the CAKE!! How much fun is that!

Here are some photos done in my studio of handsome Cohen, who was turning 1 a few weeks ago! He was such a great boy, full of happiness and beautiful smiles. His Mum Lisa made this lovely cake for him! It was her first cake! Well done Lisa! Cohen could not stop looking at the cake! He loved the whole photo session as you can see 🙂 Ola Molik Photo-8 Ola Molik Photo-9 Ola Molik Photo-10 Ola Molik Photo-16 Ola Molik Photo-17 Ola Molik Photo-19 Ola Molik Photo-22 Ola Molik Photo-25

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