Easter Photography Glasgow - Ola Molik Photographer Glasgow

Easter Photography Glasgow

 I hope this Easter holiday fills your home with peace, joy, and plenty of colourful Easter eggs.

Easter Photography Glasgow

If you would like to read a little bit more about Easter in Poland then have a look below 🙂

Holy Week lasts from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday. Palm Sunday is marked by church attendance with palm-leaf substitutes in the form of willow branches or handmade bouquets of dried flowers. On Easter Saturday baskets of Easter food are taken to a church to be blessed; the food that is blessed is eaten as a part of the Easter Sunday meal. The Easter breakfast consists of hard-boiled eggs, cold meats, babka and other dishes, including a cake in the form of a lamb to symbolise Christ.Easter Monday is a family holiday in Poland and is called Smigus Dyngus (also called Smingus-Dyngus), or Wet Monday, after the practice of men and boys pouring water on women and girls.

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Easter Photography glasgow

Easter Photography Glasgow



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