Eva's Cake Smash

Eva’s cake smash

Eva’s first birthday cake smash was one of the best I’ve had so far! Eva was so happy when she took her first taste of the cake!!! So happy in fact when we put her in front of the cake she reached right out for it and knew exactly what to do with it! I can easily say that Eva smashed her cake within 5 minutes 🙂 She was just incredible. What a girl! I’ve been looking forward to this photo shoot for months, since my friend told me she wanted me to take her daughters photos. We planned the colors and what type of cake and all other details. Eva’s Dad comes from Canada and he supports The Blue Jays 🙂 and this is how we decided to go with  The Blue Jays theme 🙂 as you can see all my first birthday sessions are personalized!!!

If you want the best Glasgow cake smash photographer, look no further because not only am I really good on cake smash photography, but I love shooting cake smash photos. I mean, does it get more fun than watching a baby eating cake for the first time? I think not. I shoot all my cake smash session at my studio in Glasgow Clydebank. My cake smash portrait  session consist of a few clean photos with baby dressed up in their finest. Then we switch to something more comfortable, we get a cake and start watching your baby eating cake for the first time. At the end i organize  a lovely tub bath with lots of bubbles. Your child will love it!


Cake Smash Photographer Glasgow

Cake Smash Photographer Glasgow

I would love to photograph your child’s first cake smash so get in touch with me now!Cake Smash Photographers Glasgow Ola Molik Photography-3 Ola Molik Photography-4 Ola Molik Photography-5 Ola Molik Photography-6 Ola Molik Photography-7 Ola Molik Photography-8 Ola Molik Photography-9 Ola Molik Photography-10 Ola Molik Photography-11 Ola Molik Photography-12 Ola Molik Photography-13 Ola Molik Photography-14 Ola Molik Photography-15 Ola Molik Photography-16 Ola Molik Photography-17 Ola Molik Photography-18 Ola Molik Photography-19 Ola Molik Photography-20 Ola Molik Photography-21 Ola Molik Photography-22

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