Magical Fall family photo session. - Ola Molik Photographer Glasgow

Magical Fall family photo session.

How to create a memorable Fall family photo session.

Family photos are a great way to capture memories in different times of our lives. There is no better way to capture your kid’s memories through their different stages of life, than a family portrait. It shows a journey, from where they started on their mom`s protruding belly, to when they were toddlers, teens until they are all grown up. It is important to get it right when it comes to choosing the family photographer, to avoid your time and resources being wasted on a quack who won`t really capture your imagination. The right lifestyle photographer will help turn your ideas into reality, and cement your family moments into unforgettable memories. In all honesty, nothing beats a fall family session because the colours provide a beautiful background for images.


Why fall is the perfect season for your fall family session?

Summer is gone, but no need to be gloomy because here comes autumn- one of the best times to take outdoor photos in Glasgow and capture some of the loveliest memories of our life. The falling leaves and the vibrant colours open up the landscape in a refreshing way and everything is just magical. Autumn colours provide breath-taking sceneries and a perfect background for family photo sessions at Victoria Park. The bright vegetation, the beautiful soft light and the slightly warm temperature combine to create the most picturesque moments for a fall family session.

What`s more?

The autumn weather gives you more dressing options. Unlike summer where you only get to experiment with light clothes or winter where you need to wear heavy clothes, autumn is the real deal. You get the opportunity to play around with a wide variety of outfits. Your wardrobe options are much bigger, and you can jazz up your fall family sessions with both warm and light clothing. You get to spice up the shoots with woolly hats, scarves, cool sweaters, trench coats and boots without feeling overdressed. Furthermore, you get to experiment with bright colours during fall, more than any other season. The colours of the surrounding trees and vegetation in Glasgow will easily complement your colour theme.
The rich, bold colours of autumn provide the perfect setting for an outdoor photo-shoot at Victoria Park.

Ready to book your annual family portrait? – Just drop me a message, and I will be happy to create lasting memories for you and your family. 

 Ready to book your yearly family portrait?

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Your photos are going to be gorgeous, no matter what!

Love Ola M.

….Autumn….my favourite time of year
Until winter arrives
Then Spring
And finally, Summer’s turn to be the golden jewel of now…….

family in the park


Fall Family photo session

yellow trees

Boy in the park

family in the park

children in the park

Family playing in the park

Brother and sister in the park

Fall family photo session


baby visiting park

beautiful sunshine


sisters holding each other

Fall family photo session


Fall family photo session

Father playing with children

Fall family photo session

Baby eating a pumpkin


family sitting in the park

Glasgow family photoshoot

happy family playing outdoor

baby holding pumpkin in the park

family cuddling together

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