Halloween mini session! - Ola Molik Photographer Glasgow

Halloween mini session!

Halloween mini session is available now!

Can you believe it? Halloween is officially this month! I’m blown away how quickly is has come!

This year I was desperate to do my Halloween Minis outdoor, somewhere in a lovely park. I love Autumn and I was desperate to have that lovely and colorful atmosphere on my photos. The colorful trees, beautifully painted by myself pumpkins, spiders, cobwebs and dressed up  happy children    🙂 Anyway! 2 weeks of preparations and I did it! I even got some straw bails from Ebay….can you believe it? It was such a fantastic day! Not too warm, not so sunny and not too cold. Just perfect day for a perfect Halloween mini session in Glasgow 🙂 My friend  baked a very taste Halloween Muffins….ohh they were yummy !  Boo , Boo, Boo…



Halloween Mini Session

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