Harry Potter Newborn Photography Session Glasgow - Ola Molik Photographer Glasgow

Harry Potter Newborn Photography Session Glasgow

HARRY POTTER Newborn Photography Session Glasgow.

When My customer told me that she would love a HARRY POTTER theme for her newborn baby boy I was over the moon!

“Harry Potter” has always been a series that you either absolutely love or hate with a passion.

Harry Potter is so magical and captivating because Harry starts off as someone just like you and I; a normal person with problems in his life and big dreams ahead of him.

He becomes everything that we strive to be; honourable, brave, compassionate, and a hero.

It is the best underdog story ever, and will inspire you to be as great as Harry Potter and, like him, save your own little world.

I am sure if you are a Harry Potter fan and read this post that you’re reading it as an excuse to relish more in the best series ever.

The main reasons why I like Harry Potter are:

It is a love story in more ways than one.

A fantastic imaginary world.

Enchanting creatures

Amazing Costumes

An intricate plot

Fantastic character development

It contains real-life issues

Intense battle scenes

An amazing fandom

Beautiful musical scores

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