Mother's Day Mini Photography Session Glasgow - Ola Molik Photography

Mother’s Day Mini Photography Session Glasgow

Mother’s Day Mini Photography Session Glasgow

Being a mother is one of the hardest and strangest job in the world.

Why the hardest?

Because there is no day off. It is the only job in which you have to be fit, energetic,enthuiastic and creative 365 days in the year twenty four hours a day.

Sounds unbelievable? Indeed, but true. The strangest?

Even when your eyes resist to cooperate at about eight p.m. and your brain explodes almost every hour.

Even when you cannot walk and crawling seems to be the best mean of moving, you always find the last reserves to tiptoe to your little ones room and stare at them.

And this moment when it is peace and quite is the most precious moment of the day for me.

The more exhausted I am, the more grateful I feel for being a mother.

Experiencing all those natural ups and downs is something that makes my life meaningful and really completed.

Mums don’t have an easy life.

This role demands combining being a woman and a clown at the same time

Very often you have to forget about high heels and feel feminine in the dirty trainers.

The glamorous dress is somewhere at the bottom of the wardrobe and your favorite clothing is a tracksuit with some stains of milk, carrot or jam?

Nothing special, I would say. But it is worth it.

The smiles, the sweet toothless “thank you for a sweetie” and my favorite one: do you know you are the best mummy in the world?- I am able to hide all my dress just to get those from time to time.

Don’t you feel the same?

Yes, you are the mum of the year!

Yes, you deserve a special gift.

AND Yes, I will give it to you.

Spoil yourself.

Let yourself feel like a model and mother at the same day.

I will help you to pose together with you little angel. You will feel even more special.

All of you will have fun, spend some time together in a different surrounding and at the end you will get a pack of beautiful memories.

Pictures which will always remind you what a gift you are and have.

Yes, you are a gift to your children and they are the best thing in the world in your life.

Keep this moment with me.

Then, whenever the dark clouds and doubts appear (yes, they happen and they are a part of parenthood) the pictures will shine them.

You will take a look and see the real love.

Treat yourself on Mother’s Day!!

Yes, you deserve it!!


Mothers Day Mini Photography Session Glasgow

Mothers Day Mini Photography Session Glasgow

Mothers Day Mini Photography Session Glasgow

Mothers Day Mini Photography Session Glasgow Mothers Day Mini Photography Session Glasgow Mothers Day Mini Photography Session Glasgow


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