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Newborn Herbal Bath!


Herbal baths have been a bit of an obsession of mine. I just fell in love with these I am adding them to  my newborn photography newborn offer!

There is something so blissful about a newborn silently floating in the water so content and alert. Herbal baths aren’t just a lovely bonding experience for Mums (or Dads!) and their newborns. They are also healing to both Mum and Baby. Capturing this special moment shouldn’t be reserved only for those who are able to make it happen immediately following birth! Babies enjoy being held in the healing waters safely in a parent’s arms for weeks to come! This session is ideal for any baby newborn through just prior to sitting (with some wiggle room depending on temperament of the baby).

Your session includes:

  • organic healing toxin-free herbs supplied by me
  • herbal bath prepared by me
  • a mini session lasting less than 30 minutes
  • clean-up provided by me
  • 10 high resolution digital images with reprint permission

The bath will take place at your own home.   A warm room in conjunction with the warm water will increase the odds of us getting those adorable sleepy baby portraits. Then, once the tub is full and the tea has steeped, we’ll all head into the bathroom for some aromatic photography! Lots of cute, sweet and tender moments later we’ll wrap it up and clean up. That’s right! We even do the clean up. An especially relieving bit of information if you’ve chosen to have flowers or loose herbs in your bath in addition to the herbal infusion. Your herbal bath session will be a truly relaxing experience from beginning to end!

*Seek medical advice from your doctor if you have any questions before making your decision about whether a herbal bath is right for you or your baby. Herbal baths are not recommended for mama’s who have undergone surgery, but can still be prepared for baby. *

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