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Newborn photography

Newborn photography session of Aaron was amazing!

I was so excited to see him in my studio as last year, around this time of the year,  I took newborn photos of Aaron’s big sisterSophia LOOK HERE.

 I still remember her as a newborn baby girl -she was so sweet and cute- just a perfect baby girl and now she has been promoted to big sister!

A very proud big sister! I loved the way she was looking at Aaron’s laying in the bucket, she was so gentle and good to him 🙂

Aaron was very good too 🙂

I think he enjoyed the whole experience as he fell asleep straight away and and let me pose him nicely.

Aaron was just 6 days old and it is a perfect age for a newborn photoshoot.

Anyway are you pregnant and wondering when to schedule a newborn photoshoot?

Since you (probably!) can’t tell me your exact due date, I understand how tricky this process can be.

 As a professional newborn photographer I make room on my calendar by scheduling only three newborn sessions per week. I always arrange your slot a 7 days after due date and I ask you to keep me updated.  This way, I  can change my client blocks if your baby comes a little bit early or is slightly overdue.

It’s an approach that keeps scheduling simple and is perfect for mothers who aren’t planning an induction.

I highly recommend having your infant photographed before they are 10 days old. Since the first week of life is when infants sleep the most, this is the best week for capturing a peacefully slumbering baby.

However, every baby is different.

 So when is the best time to make a booking then? You should begin looking for your photographer while you’re in your second trimester of pregnancy.

By that point, you will have a more solid due date or an induction date.

Begin your search for photographers by going online, talking to friends, and reading testimonials of professional newborn photographers in your area.

From there, schedule a meeting with your favorite photographer to see if they’re the right match for your family. Selecting your newborn photographer and scheduling your child’s first photoshoot are two tasks that should be done before your third trimester of pregnancy begins.

You don’t want to spend those last few months worrying about things like photographers – and you don’t want to handle this process when you’re busy with a brand new baby, either!

So…. are you expecting your baby soon?

Do not wait any longer and book your newborn session with me now HERE!!!

Newborn Photographers Glasgow

Newborn Photographers Glasgow

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