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Only One Good Family Portrait Please – Glasgow Photographer- Ola Molik Photography

“Only one good Family portrait please”

A few years ago I asked some photographers to take only one photo of my family.

They wrote me an email in which they wrote that it was not possible. I remember how shocked and struggled I was. How could they write me something like that? How could they charge me for the whole session? That’s so simple to get one photo of a family. It takes a few seconds. Everybody stands, laughs, they shoot and it is ready. They don’t work almost at all.

Now I must admit in public how naive I was. I must apologize to them for my ignorance and misunderstanding of photography at all.

The only thing that is right is the fact that taking a photo takes seconds. But it is not true for one good photo.

Photography is art.

Art is a process, it needs patience and hard work.

It’s all about catching the right moment but unfortunately this moment doesn’t appear as soon as you enter the studio.

It needs a lot of preparations, many trials and thousand of your smiles to get the perfect one.

Do you know why models earn a lot? Well, because they work long hours to reach the photographers expectations, to find the best angle.

When you decide to have a photo session you are a model.

And the photographer’s job is to catch this unique moment among plenty others. It isn’t possible for you to enter the studio and be ready to the photo session from the very beginning.

You have to relax and trust the photographer and it needs time.

When it comes to children’s’ photography it is even more complicated. They need to have fun so it’s my role to encourage them to open, to feel free.

When I photograph babies I have to pose them and that requires some technical skills, delicacy and practice.

To get this one good family portrait I need to work on thousands of pics that I have taken. I need to analyse and edit them.

All it is done to satisfy you and give you something more than just a photo.

I want to provide you a piece of art.

Because for me even a family picture is not only a good photo but a masterpiece of feelings and emotions.


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Good Family Portrait Good Family Portrait

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