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Professional Newborn Photographer Glasgow

Professional Newborn Photographer Glasgow-That’s me!

And this is a reason why I had to do a newborn session of my newborn baby boy and his big sister regardless how I was feeling after giving a birth.

Eventually he is here .

My little baby boy Marcel (the meaning of Marcel is “little warrior”) arrived after a very long bumpy journey .

When I found out that I was expecting a baby it was some kind of shock for all of us.

Don’t get me wrong…. we did want to have another child but we did not plan it properly as there was never the RIGHT moment for it.

Eventually It just happend and we were extremely happy, especially Amelia was.

My first pregnancy 6 years ago was just perfect so I was expecting this one to be exactly the same.

Unfortunately, from the very beginning to the very end we had lots of health issues, some of them were even life threatening.

It had been very long 37 weeks for me, my family and our baby boy.

We went through a lot and I have to be honest…. I was incredibly grateful to be pregnant with my second baby BUT I just disliked what pregnancy did to me emotionally and physically. It was like a ride on a rollercostaer and I did not enjoy it at all.

Anyway, only two things kept me going… I couldn’t wait to see and cuddle him and also I couldn’t wait to see Amelia’s face once she saw her little brother for the first time. Finally, after a quite short but intensive labour Marcel safely arrived and we are in love with him.

He is just perfect and I can say that it was 100% worth to going through this difficult pregnancy.

As you can imagine, I couldn’t wait any longer and I took Marcel to the studio for his first professional newborn photo-shoot.

It looks as if my little poser had been practicing in my baby bump for the whole 9 months haha. He was just amazing. Amelia was great too. She was working really hard to achieve the poses I had planned for them both.

I have to say, that it was not easy for Amelia as so far she was always the only child at the center of attention BUT this time she had to cooperate with Marcel …and she did great.

I’m absolutely in love with my two beautiful children and their photos.

Hope you like them too


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professional newborn photographer Glasgow  professional newborn photographer Glasgow professional newborn photographer Glasgowprofessional newborn photographer Glasgow


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