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Rushna-newborn girl.


From looking at the photos, I do not think people would guess that this lovely newborn girl was a challenge. I spent 3 hrs working with her. Once I put one hat on her I realized that she did not like to be touched. I had to be very careful when moving and touching. It always amazes me when babies have such preferences at this early age. Despite the challenges we got some really cute shots of her. I loved every minute. Even when the newborns are more challenging. I just see it as an extra cuddle for me 🙂 Rushna is just very beautiful and precious.

At the end I would like to say that AGE MATTERS!  the age of the babies can sometimes make a difference in what type of poses you are able to position them in and whether they will like it or not. All babies are different, and it’s not to say that one baby will be easier to pose over another one merely based upon age, but generally speaking, the age of the baby can dictate how the session will run. Younger babies tend to go into certain curly poses much easier than older babies and don’t mind much about having their clothes off if they are kept warm.

Babies Younger than Two Weeks

Typically, I schedule all newborn sessions between five and ten days after birth. Although I will schedule newborns at any age, I strongly encourage parents to schedule sessions when babies are at least under two weeks of age. At this age, they are more likely to curl up in “womb-like” poses, stay asleep longer, don’t mind being unclothed, and usually have their feeding schedules set to at least every two hours. So do not wait any longer and book your newborn session now!

Babies Older than Two Weeks

On occasion, I  have clients who want to book a session with their baby who is older than two weeks of age. That’s OK! I do not turn them away. I just inform the parents that babies older than two weeks might not curl up as easily or like their clothes off. When I have a session with an older baby, I need to focus more on images of the baby dressed, awake, nicely tucked in a basket, or handheld shots. Not all parents are concerned about getting the early, curly poses. They just want photos of their baby.  I let parents know not to expect those types of poses, but I’m you are happy to create beautiful portraits for them!

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