The best Family Pumpkin Painting photography

>The best Family Pumpkin Painting photography in Glasgow!

Halloween is one of those special events that since time immemorial brought people together. If you cannot spend Christmas or Easter with your family, neighbours and friends, you should definitely make time on Halloween. There are always awesome events planned during the entire month of October as people celebrate Halloween. There are a lot of fun activities that can be done indoors or just on the family outdoor garden and still manage to have an awesome time. There is no better way to spend Halloween than having quality time with your family. I could not possibly think of a better way to enjoy a creative family time than a family Halloween pumpkin painting party.

Hire a professional Glasgow Lifestyle photographer to cover your Family Halloween Pumpkin Painting.

Halloween is one of those extremely rare times when adults get to act like kids and kids get to still act like kids, and everyone makes merry out of it. There is a lot going on during this time, from costumes, theme parties, egg hunting, family pumpkin parties just to name a few. It would be very peculiar not to grab this opportunity and document such special moments, hence eternalising them on your family photo album. It will serve as a lasting memory and years ahead you can all go back and re-live the precious family moments you once had when you open the family photo album.

A good photographer for this occasion is one who knows how to stay incognito, silently snapping as the family enjoys its Halloween activities. When called to cover such an event, my job as a lifestyle photographer will be to capture the family having fun, oblivious to the fact that there is a photographer present.

The goal here is to:
-Capture the family`s theme costumes for a lasting memory
-Cover their chosen Halloween characters

I will be in the background covering the whole affair, and you can all sit back and savour every moment. None of you will have to be concerned about posing, focusing on the camera lens or getting the perfect facial expression. My work will be to cover the Halloween activities of the day in the most natural form possible. This ensures that the kids get to enjoy the family time without trying to do too much for the camera. This discourages acting and ensures that everyone is comfortable, something which will be quite evident in the post-production photos.

The best photography ideas for your Family Halloween Pumpkin Painting party:

●Smoke bombs
Smoke bombs give the images a scary background, which is the desired effect for any Halloween photo
●Use of translucent fabric
It produces a natural blur, thus creating ghostly images
The best way to enjoy a creative and fun family time this Halloween
●Pumpkin family party
●Pumpkin carving
●Pumpkin painting
●Roasting pumpkin seeds
●Decorating a Halloween tree, the idea being to make it as scary as possible
●Halloween treasure hunt in the garden
●Spooky home décor
●Baking Halloween cupcakes


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